Caring. Confident. Courageous. Leadership.

Intention. Energy. Values. You.

Whether you are a corporate leader, business owner, academic, in transition, or a student of life, you have a story to tell, a life to live, and gifts to share. It starts with a bit of honesty, curiosity, and self-awareness to be open to the possibilities that yearn to be revealed.

Carefully peeling back the layers while harnessing our core values, allows to engage more confidently, listen more intently, and commit more fearlessly to what matters most to us, in our work, for our family, or in our community. Fear limits us. Believing we can expands us.

Giving ourselves permission to look inside and honor ourselves is a beginning. It is this acceptance that allows us to hear, learn, lead and grow achieving more than we could imagine. The opportunities for success are attained with the choices we make, the curiosity we embody, and the actions we take.

Ultimately, it is your energy with intention and inspiration that makes you the best you every day cultivating strength and wisdom for yourself and others. You are the master of your destiny.

“A coach is someone
who sees beyond your limits,
and guides you to greatness."

- Michael Jordan -

I’m Sherrie!
Great to Meet You!

After a successful career as a corporate executive, in two highly regulated industries, I made the choice to pursue my passion of cultivating more caring, confident, and courageous leaders… at work, at home, in the community, or simply in life.

I am the person I am because of the encouragement and support of many who polished my strength, unleashed my courage, and honored my commitment to excellence. I know that being curious, consciously aware, and listening for the unspoken helps to reveal your desire for success as you define it.

It would be my privilege to engage in conversations with you. Let us together uncover … the brilliant, bold, and brave you that reveals your greatness. Let’s do it! The world awaits the very best of YOU!

LLCC as Your Executive Coach

Coaching is a joint and mutually respectful relationship that provides the space to uncover and reveal areas that are blocking your view, stunting your growth, or standing in the way of you giving and sharing the best of you. As your executive coach we have the opportunity to explore, practice, and modify behaviors and ignite our energy best. These new perspectives and new ways of experiencing situations will unleash the best in you and give others permission to do the same.

Our experience together will be about polishing, exposing, and shining a light from within and all around you. You will see yourself more confident, more courageous, more caring, and more committed to the career of your choosing. And with a broader aperture, we have the likely outcome of creating a more extraordinary life overall.


February 5, 2021


November 1st is All Saints Day which is commonly celebrated by Catholics and other Christian religions. It is a day to honor
February 5, 2021


The song by Sam Cooke (singer, songwriter, producer, music publisher), A Change Gonna Come, has been ringin
February 5, 2021


“I am great!” “I am living my greatness every day.” How does it make you feel to say these words out loud?